What Are We CREATING “Things” To Mean?

back to school (focus on letters)

…This reminds me of an old story from when I was young. I must have been around 6 years old at the time. I was pouring myself a huge glass of cold milk at a friends house. I turned around to grab a cookie and my elbow hit the glass and knocked it onto the…

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How I Almost CHEATED… But Didn’t!!

Young boy playing chess

So I was at the gym the other day and there was this guy there doing sit-ups. I was close enough that I could hear him counting, “4, 5, 6…” Honestly, he looked like he didn’t even want to be there. THEN this pretty Girl walked by and his count suddenly changed, “89, 90, 91”……

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Learning To DANCE In The Rain


(Picture above is from this last year when my aunt, uncle & cousin came to visit. This was taken at Pikes Place Market in Seattle, WA.) As a true “Seattleite” born and raised in Seattle, WA, you’ll rarely ever see me carrying an umbrella. Understanding this little known fact, I was once shopping in “Pikes…

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How Do We React To Something HOT!?

Morning menu

When I was 3 years old, my mom told me not to put my hand on the burner because it was hot. A few minutes later I walked into the other room quietly with tears in my eyes. My curiosity had gotten the best of me and I had just put my hand on the…

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Is Our Heart At War, Or At PEACE?

bible and cross

…When we change our perception, everything we look at changes… …We’re not going to see a problem, where we use to see a problem. We also attract different kinds of people, because we become a different person… Do you want to be successful in life & business? The first step, then, is to stop allowing…

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How Old is YOUNG?!


I went to one of my good friends 90th Birthday party the other day. His name is Steve. He was so full of life that day, telling me all the things he was planning on doing, such as traveling around the world and learning how to use “one of those iPad things”. …After telling me…

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How 5 Words CHANGED Everything!


…So there I was hitting the BUY button on Amazon. I really didn’t know WHY I was doing it, I just KNEW I needed to. As I looked around, I noticed a couple of my mentors “doing it” and placing “them” all over their house. So, I said to myself… ”if it helped Tim Ferriss…

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Why Are We ADDICTED To Poor Behavior?!

Easter chocolate cheesecake with roses

…We all have thousands upon thousands of receptors on each cell in our body. Each receptor has a specific peptide or protein attached to it. Stick with me for a second, this is about to get interesting!!… Let’s just say we have a feeling of being “sad” or “happy”, “fearful” or “confident”, “angry” or in…

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The Secret Of MAKING People Like You


Most people I’ve known are overly concerned about how people view them. They ask questions like, “What would my parents think?” or “How would my friends view me?” or “What would the next-door neighbor say?” Unfortunately, they ask all these questions at the expense of truly living. …They end up wasting so much of their…

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How To Be COMFORTABLE, Being Uncomfortable.

Man in a Yoga Crouch - Horizontal

Have you ever had a dream that you wanted so bad that you could hardly stand it? Maybe it was to be a famous movie star, or world renowned chef, or maybe just a owner of a small coffee shop. Whatever the case may be, have you made your dream into a reality yet? And…

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